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Barrier gate with license plate recognition controller
  • Barrier gate with license plate recognition controller
  • Barrier gate with license plate recognition controller
  • Barrier gate with license plate recognition controller
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Tenglong license plate recognition all-in-one machine is a new intelligent parking equipment which independently designed, developed and produced by che 'an technology.Tenglong license plate recognition all-in-one machine is composed of chassis, movement, control system, brake lever, license plate recognition camera, fill light lamp, display screen (optional) and other parts. It realizes the function that one product completes two products and simplifies the construction. The product can select standard  movement and fast channel brake movement according to customer demand.

Tenglong license plate recognition all-in-one machine embedding universal ball type license plate recognition camera , according to the characteristics of its case design a recognition rake face, the camera and the license plate recognition to achieve the optimal point of view, coupled with streamline the rounded design, at the same time, through the whole tonal collocation, the overall appearance like nature itself, concise, beautiful, delicate.

Tenglong license plate recognitio all-in-one machine can be used according to the requirements , independent use or with LCD display screen.When together with LCD display screen, the effect is not only beautiful, but also more powerful.

  • Integrated design, Easy for construction and installation;
  • niversal ball camera design, easy to adjust the recognition Angle;
  • With four-character double vertical highlighted single green LED display, information prompt comprehensive;
  • Natural sky into the plane body slope, better license plate recognition Angle;
  • Built-in vehicle detector can realize dual trigger recognition of video and ground sense;;
  • Built-in TTS voice module, voice editing through software, more convenient to use;
  • Built-in light-sensitive supplementary light lamp, enhance the night recognition effect;
  • License plate recognition supports blue plate cars, yellow plate cars, armed police cars, new military cars, new energy cars, double-plate cars, Hong Kong and Macao cars, training cars, and air vehicles;
  • Camera support black and white list import, fixed vehicles can be offline access;
  • Two kinds of gate movement selection, to meet the needs of diversification;
  • Left and right design to meet the installation requirements of different directions。

Barrier gate with license plate recognition controller

brief introduction:

ANPR system with barrier gate 2 in 1 function. Easy installation

technical parameter:
Voltage 220VAC
Power consumption <300W(stardard core)
<310W(speed  core)
Recognize Angle ≤45°
Recognize speed ≤30ms
Accurate rate ≥99%
Speed 0~30km/h
LED light ≥1200cd/m2
LED display 152mm*304mm
Machine size 320mm*300mm*1210mm
Communication TCP/IP
Weatherproof IP54
Working temperature -25℃~70℃
Operating humidity ≤95%No condensation

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