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Licence plate recognition controller with large LCD display
  • Licence plate recognition controller with large LCD display
  • Licence plate recognition controller with large LCD display
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all-in-one License plate recognition controller is a special product for parking management system.The device integrates license plate recognition camera, 32-inch LCD display (including voice broadcast, optional intercom extension), supplementary LED lamp and other modules, with simple and fashionable appearance.Its 32-inch LCD display screen can be used for playing advertisements, prompt messages and/or code scanning information to facilitate owners to scan QR code to enter or payment.The equipment combination design, simple construction wiring;the product is mainly used in commercial, residential, industrial parks, airports, hospitals, schools and other public parking lots, especially the unmaned public parking lots, which greatly improves the traffic efficiency of vehicles.

  • Built-in high brightness 32 "LCD display screen, suitable for indoor/outdoor applications;
  • Built-in intercom extension, can realize the car owner and management personnel talk;
  • The display screen can implant advertising information according to the needs, providing new profit growth point for the parking lot operation;
  • The LCD display screen displays the payment qr code or the entry qr code for the convenience of mobile payment and quick passage.
  • Built-in qr code scanner, for vehicles that cannot be recognized (including unlicensed vehicles) or visitor vehicles, by scanning the owner's WeChat or alipay qr code to enter and exit, and can be at the exit to scan the owner's payment code deduction;
  • Built-in TTS voice module, voice editing through software, more convenient to use;
  • Built-in vehicle detector can realize dual trigger recognition of video and ground sense;
  • P - shaped design, more in line with the use of the environment.

Licence plate recognition controller with large LCD display

brief introduction:

Teng yao machine is designed for pure ANPR parking system, including 32" LCD display, QR code scanner, mobile payment and intercom.

technical parameter:
Voltage 220VAC
Power consumption ≤90W
LCD liumin ≤2000cd/m2
Resolution 1920*1080
Display size 697mm*392mm
Product size 150mm*495mm*1560mm
Communication TCP/IP
Weather proof IP54
Operating temperature -25℃~70℃
Operating huminity ≤95% no condensation

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