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iCloud Platform
  • iCloud Platform
  • iCloud Platform
  • iCloud Platform
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With the evolution of IT technology, the infrastructure is also evolving, and with the maturity of virtualization technology, cloud computing has developed to a new stage.As one of the cutting-edge technologies in IT, cloud computing is bound to have a greater and greater impact on people's future production and life, and will also play an important role in the parking management industry .Cloud computing not only changes the business architecture of enterprises, but also changes the operation mode of enterprises, transforming them into cloud computing service operators to carry out cloud computing application services integrated with PaaS and SaaS.With the development opportunity of global cloud computing, how to realize the new cloud IDC based on the cloud computing infrastructure, combine theory with practice, make the business drive finally change to the technical realization, and then promote the development of the business, is the vision of car security technology, but also the driving force for car security technology to make efforts.

Carsafe cloud platform is based on B/S architecture and adopts layered, modular and plug-in design.This platform integrates the parking management system, intelligent parking guidance system, pedestrian access management system, access control management system and lift control management system into the same system, which can not only realize the interconnection, interflow and interaction between the systems, but also realize unified decision-making and centralized management.Through the information collection and exchange with each subsystem, the platform builds a spatialized, visualized and decision-able dynamic information resource base with "people, objects, land, events and organizations" as its elements, so as to realize "distributed" large-scale intelligent security management.

  • Humanized interface design, the operation is very simple, using the workflow engine mode, users can according to their own operating habits, customize the software interface, the system interface of each function arbitrary combination division, without changing the software code;
  • Cloud technology based on the Microsoft.net platform, can be cross-platform management, including: in the android and apple operating systems, can run anywhere remote viewing system and the management situation, do not need to install the software, use IE browser to land can see entrance guard, channel, and a car park vehicles in and out of the situation, the financial income, financial charts, equipment status, electronic maps and other information, can realize remote gauge frequency monitoring, implementation of charging tube and other workplace monitoring management;
  • Strong compatibility, any management function module can be called independently, to system integrators secondary development provides a very simple third-party interface, developers don't need to know the structure of communication protocol, data can be easily to our subsystem and any embedded function module (such as issuing functions), and support Linux, cross-platform patterns such as android, apple, and solve the compatible with other one cartoon industry, also solved the Internet of things (such as: monitoring, perimeter prevention, fire alarm, etc.) of the whole interconnected;
  • Group network information management, distributed in the world around the one-card equipment network management, unified information release, unified management, unified equipment management, through remote video real-time work inspection;
  • Remote maintenance, fault diagnosis, technical parameter setting, system software level, controller software level (including: access control channel card issuer, consumer machine, parking lot controller and other equipment);
  • Support a variety of networking methods, can choose centralized communication and distributed communication mode according to the field environment, connection mode support TCP/IP, CANBUS, etc.

iCloud Platform

brief introduction:

Carsafe's cloud platform is based on B/S architecture and adopts layered, modular and plug-in design.This platform integrates the intelligent PMS ,PGS, access control system etc.Achieve unified manage

technical parameter:

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