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Auto Pay Station
  • Auto Pay Station
  • Auto Pay Station
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Auto pay station is In view of labor charge management cost is high in parking lot management, Auto pay station is used to replace labor cost  , also can realize unmaned operation, the device can not only realize the auto pay cost, can also through link to video parking guidance system, and query for car, to bring good services to users.

  • Realize unmanned operation, completely replace manual charging, improve efficiency, reduce cost;
  • Multiple payment methods: support WeChat, alipay, cash, bank card;
  • A variety of cash payment methods: support notes, COINS payment, to achieve coin change, note change (configurable) function;
  • Receipt printing function:
  • Qr code scanner: scan coupons, shopping receipts, payment code, etc.
  • Configure the invoice printing function: according to the user's needs, configure the invoice printer to print the invoice to the car owner;
  • Multiple access vouchers: it can support license plate, paper ticket, scan code, IC/ID card and other access vouchers;
  • A variety of preferential methods: support member bonus points, discount coupons, discount coupons, shopping receipts and other preferential methods;
  • TTS sound prompt, more convenient operation;
  • It has the function of playing advertisement in a loop.
  • Intercom function;
  • Prompt alarm function.

Auto Pay Station

brief introduction:

As the manual cost is expensive, auto pay station is integrated with the parking management system to replace the manual station , reduce the labor cost, 24H working.

technical parameter:
Voltage 220VAC
Power consumption 350W
Bank note recognition Malaysia/Mexico/HK/etc
Speed of receive 1.5S
Bank note quantity about 1000pcs
Bank note change can be setting,Support two type
Coin receipt/change 0.5/0.1
Capacity of coin box Each 600pcs
Receipt Yes
Print speed 150mm/s
Touch screen size 19inch
Entry/exit licence Support No plate/IC card ticket/paper ticket/Qr code etc
Size 612mm*840mm*1780mm
Communication TCP/IP
Weather proof IP42
Operating temperature -10℃~45℃
Operating huminity ≤95% no condensation

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