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IC Card Ticket Parking Management Controller
  • IC Card Ticket Parking Management Controller
  • IC Card Ticket Parking Management Controller
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Tengrui IC card ticket parking dispenser is independently designed and developed by carsafe technology , suitable for actual needs of the parking lot. Its shape is square and angular, and the panel is designed with the word "P" in the position of displacement, which is suitable for the use of the parking lot.The simple design of the front panel, with different colors, highlights the functional areas and enhances the product's sense of technology.

  • P design, fit the use of the yard;
  • Four-character single-line highlight LED scrolling text message prompt;
  • Built-in voice prompts;
  • Reserved interface for LED parking display;
  • Can configure out card mechanism, out card read card integration operation;
  • Paper ticket printer can be configured to temporarily card out one-dimensional or two-dimensional code paper ticket;
  • Can configure a variety of card reading equipment;
  • Long distance card reader interface can be configured.
  • Intercom equipment can be configured.

IC Card Ticket Parking Management Controller

brief introduction:

It is the traditional IC+IC ticket parking management system, stable quality and nice design.

technical parameter:
Voltage 220VAC
Power consumption  ≤120W
IC card read time ≤0.1S
LED display English
Ticket out ≤1S
Ticket insert ≤2S
IC card reader distance ≤80mm
Memory ≤90000pcs (ARM)
Record ≤20000pcs(ARM)
Material Strong carbon steel
Color Blue grey/yellow grey
Door position back
size 371mm *440mm*1400mm
Communication TCP/IP
Weathproof IP54
Operating temperature -25℃~70℃
Operating huminity ≤95% no condensation

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