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With the deep develop of "Internet +", traditional industries are seeking to realize business model innovation and reform with the help of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other technologies.For this reason, che 'an technology has independently designed and developed a cross-android and IOS APP, che 'an tong, to provide more intelligent and convenient services for the majority of users.Users can easily find the nearby parking lot through che antong APP and book the parking space in advance to get in quickly and conveniently.Through mobile payment, self-help payment not only achieve unmanned management, through this decentralized payment greatly improve the efficiency of fees;Through the use of non-inductive payment, to achieve rapid access to vehicles, enjoy the wisdom of technology.

Che antong APP supports the visitor function. Submit the visitor information in advance through the APP, and push the qr code to the visitor after being confirmed by the authorized personnel.Visitors to visit by means of qr code pass, visitors enjoy the guests at home.

Che an tong supports a variety of functions such as parking reservation, parking payment, parking guidance, anti-theft lock car, navigation and searching car, etc., so as to provide car owners with more intimate parking services and enjoy parking experience anytime and anywhere.

Che antong also provides convenient mobile office experience for property managers, which transfers the owner/owner information management, vehicle information, permission approval and opening, and mobile fees to mobile phones or tablets to facilitate property management.

  • Support alipay, WeChat to pay parking fees;
  • Payment method supports alipay service , WeChat App, che antong APP, property APP, direct code scanning payment;
  • Support monthly rent users to delay, stored value users recharge, temporary user payment;
  • Support license plate, scanning bar code card, IC/ID card surface number, scanning IC/ID card two-dimensional code payment;
  • Support the function of scanning coupons to deduct parking fees;
  • With video parking guidance linkage, support reverse car search;
  • Support qr code positioning and reverse car finding;;
  • Support to find available parking space, show the status of each parking lot, provide route navigation for the owners;
  • Support lock and unlock anti-theft function after vehicle entry;;
  • Support the owner's APP confirmation, shake, code scanning and other access control system, including parking lot, access control, turnstile gate, ladder control, etc.
  • Support the visitor appointment function and the visitor scan the qr code entrance and exit control system.


brief introduction:

Carsafe technology has independently designed and developed a cross-android and IOS APP, Name: che 'an tong, to provide more intelligent and convenient services for the majority of users.

technical parameter:

Bluetooth  requires V4.0 or above

Mobile phone system requires iOS V7.0 and above

Android V4.4 version or above

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